Are Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages similar?

They are not similar. Korean language belongs to language isolate. Therefore, it is not similar very much to Chinese or Japanese. Because the western languages have plenty of similarity each other, if we study one western language out of them, it is convenient to study another western language. But Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages are different.

Nevertheless, there is some similarity in Japanese so that it is a little helpful to study Korean. The word orders of Japanese and Korean are very similar. The word orders of the western languages are subject + predicate + object but those of Korean and Japanese are subject + object + predicate. In addition, Japanese like Korean developed very much in honorific expressions. Using nouns are similar very much each other. Of course, other parts of speech are all different so that it doesn’t help a lot.

Then, is Korean language easy to learn? This is hard to answer because it is a relative notion but it is a comparatively easy language for Japanese and Chinese people. On the contrary, Korean people can also learn Japanese and Chinese languages easily. It is because all of three countries are in the same Chinese character area. However, when Westerners learn Korean language, they may face hell. But they can also experience fun from learning Korean language so they are recommended to learn the language.

Trivia : A method to learn Korean language is to utilize



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  1. DavidXian says:

    One thing that must be noted is that the three (should I say four for NK sake? :p) countries use Chinese characters too (Hanzi/Kanji/Hanja) so I think it’s very useful if we understand the characters.

    But yes, those three languages are very different. I can distinguish them easily now. Most of my western friends have difficulties to differentiate the languages though. Talking about similarities try to distinguish and . I’ll give a bow. Tehehehe ^_^

  2. Kendall says:

    Korean may or may not be an isolated language, but if you’re saying that Korean and Japanese are not nearly as similar to each other as, say, Spanish is to French, you’re pretty far off the mark. Korean grammar and Japanese grammar don’t just resemble each other; they’re nearly carbon copies of each other, from word order right down to the way 조사 attach to 용언 and each other. The 주격조사 -가, for example, is identical in both languages. Not all every 조사 in one language maps onto one from the other—for instance, に doubles for 에 and 에서 and 으로 is split between に and で—but the general similarity between the two 조사 systems can’t be denied. A statement like “other parts of speech [than nouns] are all different” is not just simplistic; it’s straight-up inaccurate. 학습자가 읽고 믿을 것을 게재하시기 전에 연구 좀 하시기 바라요.

    Also, 영어로 블록하시려면은, 관사를 쓰시도록 해 주세요. 엄청 어려울 수도 있는 것을 잘 아는데, 관사 유무의 의해 의미가 바꿀 경우도 있어요. 예를 들어서 “Korean language”와 “the Korean language” 가 별다른 뜻을 가지고 있어요. 후자는 한국어를 뜻하는데 전자는 “한국어 속의 몇 표현들” 같은 의미를 갖고 있어요. “Learn Korean language”란 한국어의 몇 표현 밖에 배우지 않는 의미가 되고 마는 것이 주의점이에요.

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