How can Korean women play golf so well?

Korean women golf is well-known worldwide. Seri Pak won 25 games from LPGA and her name was placed on the hall of fame. Jiyai Shin was ranked at the top in the 2009 season prize money. In addition, we have 6 Korean rookies of the year award for 15 years since 1998. Michelle Wie is a Korean in America. Around one quarter active in LPGA is Korean.

Why is the Korean women golf so strong? Thomas Friedman, a columnist of NYT expressed as reasons enthusiasm of the Korean female golfers and interest of their parents and Korean unique hand skill. They are all correct. As soon as the Korean sports players start, they practice so hard. Most of Korean school sports teams only exercise from morning to evening and go back home.

In addition, parents’ interest is also amazing. From the Korean women golf, a new word of golf daddy was created. Many of Korean women golfers learned golf from their fathers. And, their fathers go to America in person to deliberately manage their daughters. The father of Kim Mi Hyun drove a used van and ate noodles in America which became a topic.

We need to pay our attention to the statement by Jennifer Mario of NYT. She mentioned company’s sponsorship, Confucian relationship and mental strength about the reasons for the strength of the Korean professional golf. Korea has a small territory so that there are not plenty of golf courses and golf expenditure is high. So exercise is not easy. Therefore, competent players are often sponsored by companies from their childhood.

Moreover, recently a book of Tiger Mother is popular in China and Korean parents are quite strict compared to the West. And, these orders are accepted by children and they follow the orders very well. Thanks to this, they can endure severe gold practice and raise mental strength.

However, Seri Pak influenced a lot the creation of many of those female golfers. During the Korean economic crisis, her activity gave many children a dream and many girls grew to be the kids of Seri Pak.

Seri Pak

Trivia : Because of high golf expenditure in Korea, many often go overseas to play golf.



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