Must try the Korean style pancake

If you visit Korea, you have to eat ‘Korean style pancake’, which is called Jeon. The pan-fried Jeon is thinner than the western pancake. The ingredients are the mixture of some vegetables or other food materials and flour with oil. You can eat them with soy source and vinegar, and many foreigners love it.

In former years, the oil-included food was categorized as gourmet meal for loyal family, now it becomes popular. It is very well-known side dish for drinks, especially for Korean rice wine. Without any reasonable explanation, Koreans just like to have the Jeon with rice wine, using the phrase of “Jeon with rice wine in rainy days”.

The kinds are varied because almost all ingredients can be used to make the Jeon. There are representative two kinds: one is paste-oriented Jeon, such as Kimchi Jeon, Seafood-green onion Jeon, chives Jeon, and mung-beans Jeon. Another is ingredient-oriented Jeon, such as zucchini Jeon, fish Jeon, shrimp Jeon, and Korean style meatball.

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It is usually sold in many Korean bar or pub. But if you want to be served with more abundant and different kinds of Jeon, you must visit the specialty restaurant. Generally, most of the restaurants are very noisy and crowded.

Trivia: Before cooling down, you must eat the Jeon. Otherwise it doesn’t taste good.


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  1. ryuji_s1さん ロクロナンは統一感のある美しい村です. フランスの美しい村では、景観維持のための住民の努力が感じられます. それだけ村への愛情が深いということですよね. 美味しいクイニャマンがあ

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