What if we draw Korean map as a girl?

Korea, as peninsular country, has been connecting the continent (China) and the ocean (Japan). But it is divided by two in the conflict between capitalism and communism after World War II.

The shape of this peninsular country is unique and reminds of various forms. As tiger is one of the reminders, the symbol has been often used to inspire the national price.

Recently, Moefication, which draws any objects into cute and glamorous women character, of Korean map is becoming trend. It is originated from the Moefication of England map in one of the Japanese website “2ch”.

Korean netizens have begun participating in the trend. As someone referred “when I was young child, I thought Korea is shaped like trumpet-blowing angel”, the moefication drawing of Korean map immediately has shown in the web.

Now there are many kinds of moefication drawing for maps.


Trivia: But the most surprising moefication of map is followings:


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  1. Mzungu says:

    Once again, thank you for being like the inspiration for me^^
    I haven’t heard about “Moefication” before. I broaden my knowledge thanks to You, Kholic’s staff^^
    The sweetest one it that elephant :)
    The most~~I like the traditional moefication of the Korean map…

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