Korean female celebrities in Soju advertisement

Hyori Lee, a CF model for ‘Cheoumcheoreom (Like the beginning)’, a Korean soju, was replaced after five years. Three persons from the Kpop group were selected as the new models, and they include Hyorin from SISTA, Koo Hara from KARA, and Hyuna from 4MINUTE. Hyuna once drew particular attentions with her appearance in PSY’s music video called Gangnam Style.

Korea’s Soju advertisement draws a great deal of attention. It is because Soju CF model is a symbol of top stars of the generation. In that case, let us check out Korea’s female top stars, who represented the era through the Soju advertisement.

For your reference : In South Korea, two soju brands have highest market share. Number 1 brand is Chameesul (real dew) (about 50% market share), and number 2 brand is Cheoumcheoreum (about 15% market share).


Youngae Lee in 1999: She is the first female soju CF model. For a couple of years since her appearance, the company’s market share rose up by as high as 13%. With her enormous advertising impact, a few years later, almost all soju companies get to hire female top stars as their CF model. The drama called ‘Daejanggeum’, with Youngae Lee as the main character, became enormously popular in Japan, China, and even Iran. Afterwards, she became a top star not only in Korea but also in Asia as a whole.


Jong Un Kim in 2002 : In 2002, Jongun Kim, with her bright and healthy image, was selected in line with the World Cup. You may think that her name sounds familiar, which is the same as the name of the successor in North Korea. When North Korea’s Jong Un Kim was first reported on the news, South’s Jong Un Kim was reported to have been so unhappy.


Taehee Kim in 2004 : She is considered a Korea’s representative beauty. Once she was selected as ‘the best faces’ number one by plastic surgeons in Korea. Moreover, graduating from Seoul University, the best university in Korea, she is also considered a perfect woman. With her poor acting skills, she has produced few hits, but she is still extremely popular as a CF model.


Yejin Sohn in 2004 : She is considered as one of Korea’s top three in the 2000s in terms of beauty. She was very popular as an icon of purity and innocence. She was also the first female model for ‘San (mountain)’, a Korean soju competing with Chameesul. However, it was not successful. Afterwards, the company gives up ‘San’ and produces a new soju called ‘Cheoumcheoreom’.


Yoo Ri Seong in 2005 : She made a debut as a member of an idol group called Fin. K. L. in 1998, even before the name Kpop didn’t even exist. From that time, she was called ‘a fairy’, which became her nickname, and until now she is still praised as the Kpop’s best face ever. Reflecting this reputation, Chameesul recorded the highest market share while Yuri Seong was a CF model.


Young-a Lee in 2006 : She is the first model for newly released ‘Cheoumcheoreom’. The company chose a new model to give new and refreshing images. The result was a big success. It became a big topic and its sales rose up significantly. However, she was forgotten afterwards.


Jiwon Ha in 2007 : She was an actress called by CNN as South Korea’s Angelina Jolly. She is famous for good acting in diverse genres including action, melodrama, and others. Also in soju advertisement, she showed the healthy and sexy image.


 Hyori Lee in 2008 – 2012 : She is Korea’s best diva. Along with Yuri Seong, she is originally from a Kpop group called Fin. K. L. But, afterwards, as she had a big success not only for a singer but also for artistic talents, she secured her position as the best female star in her thirties. Based on her popularity and good image, she remained as a model for Cheoumcheoreom for five years, and this is the longest period of time for soju advertisement. Especially, the advertisement in which she shakes a soju bottle became so popular that afterwards, many Koreans often shake the bottle before they open it.


Hyekyo Song in 2008 : Along with Yejin Sohn and Taehee Kim mentioned earlier, Hyekyo Song is considered one of Korea’s top three beauties. With the success of a drama called ‘Full House’, in which she was the main character together with RAIN, she is now popular also in China. Unlike Taehee Kim, she has a good reputation for her acting. She also has good dating skills enough to go out with Byeonghun Lee and Bin hyun, Korea’s top stars. The newly released soju named J from Chameesul, however, was far from a success.


Yi Yoo in 2009 : Originally from a young Kpop group called After School, Yi Yoo became the new model for soju, which became a big topic. But, soju named Cool released by Cheoumcheoreom also ended up being a failure.


Minjeong Lee in 2010-2011 : She is the only person who was a model for Chameesul for two years in a row. Even though she is famous for her beauty, she took part in the entertainment business in earnest only after her graduation from college and therefore started her career quite late. She is to get married to Byeonghun Lee.


Trivia : This is the first soju advertisement in Korea.


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