2012 Most Popular Keywords of Korea : No. 8 Anipang

Daum, a Korean portal site, announced the most popular search words of the year 2012. Let us check them from No. 1 to No. 10.

No. 8 : Anipang

The reason for the popularity of this keyword is that a game called anipang became so popular in Korea. More than 50% of the whole population downloaded this game, and it was common that people miss their stop in the subway when they should get off.

It was Korea’s best hit in games. Seemingly, it is just a game that copied bejeweled. For more detailed introduction, let’s refer to WSJ and Kholic. For now, let’s just mention that its heart-exchanging system brought about many interesting episodes. …

  1. It is provided in a mobile messenger called Kakao Talk, through which you can compete for records with your friends.
  2. You have 60 seconds’ time limit, and heart is used to keep you alive. A heart is given every 8minutes.
  3. You can give and take hearts through the messenger.

anipang heart message

A : Give me heart, plz.
B : OK.
B : He sent a heart. Check it now!
A : Please give it to me as soon as possible.

This system caused many interesting incidents.

  1. A heart came from a married man, which caused a fight among married couples.
  2. A heart sent from X-girl friend caused excitement.
  3. Get to hear about old friend you were never in contact.

Anipang caused other incidents too.

  1. There was a long line outside the bathroom because of the people playing games inside.
  2. People miss their stop while playing the game in the subway.
  3. A teacher who told the students not to play the game has a higher score in Anipang.

Trivia : However, this enthusiasm about the game didn’t even last a month. As you can see in Koreans’ cheering in the World Cup, they become so enthusiastic about something and their enthusiasm dies down quickly. In Korea, this is compared to a boiling pot, which becomes so hot and cools off quickly when the stove is turned off.


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