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Congrats! The Manhattan was THE bag I wanted so badly when I had first gotten into LV. I agree with the others....let's see some pics! louis vuitton shop,

Bloomsbury! Got her last weekend and carried her yesterday for the first time! LVOE it! louis vuitton luggage


I love monogram in bags that slouches! The hobo look! Ihave a delightfull and love it. But don't like monogram in every bag style.... Maybe try on different styles if you haven't done that allready...... louis vuitton luggage


Yes, I don't like it when people reach out to touch my pieces, especially my new Mon Mono (the vachetta is still light), my new Bleu Nuit Vernis Alma (FINGER PRINTS) and my gold Le Fab.


neverfull!! this is a really cute bag for spring and summer

,LOVE all your new goodies. I really want the Ailleurs Bags - I just cannot decide which one(s). Do you have a PM in both of yours? If I actually got the beach one to use at the beach = would you think the larger would be better or could the PM work? I tend to prefer the PM size of most things. I am so tempted to order the city one and the beach one. And the keychains too. Any thoughts are welcome on sizing. Oh - help me decide :) rolex datejust,

Nice! Congrats! what is an android tablet pc

,Great thread. I just got my vernis zippy in pomme. it is very pretty. I am so afraid to use it, too. But I really don't want to put it in the dust bag. I used to do taht with my white multicolor PTI wallet, I put it in dust bag. I felt so stupid. That is why I wanted to get vernis zippy. I heard it is easier to maintain.. louis vuitton bag,

I'd love some thoughts on the 30 vs 35? I'm gravitating more towards the 35 as I love large bags, but is this a good size for everyday? Just worried it might be too big?Also... LV owners - how do you find your LV wears as opposed to other bags? Are you happy with the quality and can you expect a long life out of a well used and taken care of bag? louis vuitton purse


very nice -- congrats!! louis vuitton bags

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